Current projects

nQuire – Citizen Inquiry
Innovating Pedagogy
Social learning at massive scale
Practical Pedagogy – 40 New Ways to Teach and Learn
Innovative Pedagogy at Massive Scale: Teaching and Learning in MOOCs
A Theory of Learning for the Mobile Age
Sense-it: A Smartphone Toolkit for Citizen Inquiry Learning
Personal Inquiry: Orchestrating Science Investigations Within and Beyond the Classroom
The Blockchain and Kudos: A Distributed System for Educational Record, Reputation and Reward
Citizen Inquiry: Synthesising Science and Inquiry Learning
Technology Enhanced Learning: Research Themes
How We Write: Writing as Creative Design
Orchestrating Inquiry Learning
Innovating Pedagogy 2017
Beyond Prototypes
Literature Review in Mobile Technologies and Learning
Computers and Thought: A Practical Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Designing educational technology

1970s – Computational Creativity
1978 - Developed 'Poetry from LOGO', teaching literacy and computational creativity to children ...
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1980s – Computers and Writing
1981 - 1982 Research Fellow on Cyclops telewriting system for remote tutoring of Open University...
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1990s – Artificial Intelligence and Education
1993 - 1995 Project lead: CORECT: collaborative Requirements Capture Tool, funded by Science and...
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2000s – Mobile Learning
2001 Project lead: 'Children as Photographers', funded by Kodak 2002 - 2004 MOBILEARN mobile ...
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2010s – Innovating pedagogy
2012 - 2017 Academic Lead, FutureLearn 2012 - Established Innovating Pedagogy report series 2013...
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