Orchestrating Inquiry Learning

Orchestrating Inquiry Learning addresses the key challenge of how to resource and support processes of inquiry learning within and beyond the classroom. It argues that technological support, when coupled with appropriate design of activities and management of the learning environment, can enable inquiry learning experiences that are engaging, authentic and personally relevant.

This edited collection of carefully integrated chapters brings together, for the first time; work on inquiry learning and orchestration of learning. Drawing upon a broad range of theoretical perspectives, this book examines:

  • Orchestration of inquiry learning and instruction
  • Trajectories of inquiry learning
  • Designing for inquiry learning
  • Scripting personal inquiry
  • Collaborative and collective inquiry learning
  • Assessment of inquiry learning
  • Inquiry learning in formal and semi-formal educational contexts

Orchestrating Inquiry Learning is essential reading for all those concerned with understanding and promoting effective inquiry learning. The book is aimed at an international audience of researchers, post-graduate students, and advanced undergraduates in education, educational technology and psychology. It will also be of interest to educational practitioners and policy makers, including teachers, educational advisors, teacher-students and their trainers.

Download pdf of Editorial Introduction.